Elke's E-Learning Journey

My first blog ever, originally for the LearnScope 2006 project, and which is now the sometime record of my journey into learning about and implementing an elearning strategy for my training organisation

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The final showdown

A little bit late but its here. the final day was like the first, not so much tying things up but squeezing as much new as possible into the day. There is no end to this! Catching up with the others as a group was most likely the only last time activity.

My display lacked the electronic presence - I had no printer in Adelaide and had to resort to old fashioned teacher hand drawn signs - a little out of place but they served their purpose.

The real product of the final display was not visible in the photo. The mindmap of how to get started online as an RTO is in the Mayomi file called ripples or Number 5306. I have tried to upload it here. In coming up with this strategy, I found the framework through the time to research allowed by the learnscope funding and used one of the many tools discovered during the year. file is resisting loading, possibly because it is so large. Interested parties will need to go to mayomi then.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Adobe free conferencing software


Only avail in the US at present but will get here eventually

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

final report deadline

If some-one has a camera on the reporting day Friday, and takes a picture of my "booth" and emails it to me, then I can post it here.
I am taking so much stuff to Adelaide now, there is no room for a camera.

Sorry, the photo just was too dpressing to look at - blurry and too distant for detail.

Friday, November 03, 2006

mind mapping software


before I lose this site again. Not completely free but more of the mind map tool I was looking for. trial version available at least.

Learning Technology, which is the best?

Current issue of Training Australia Magazine, issue 6 spring 06, pp 6-7

Discussion of which technology is the best for the learning situation. Do not buy into technology for the sake of using the latest. The Web2.0 concpts are now making it into mainstream publications, not just digitally savvy ones is my observation here. Only 2 issues ago, one of the main articles was how not to murder a class using powerpoint "Death by Powerpoint"

Basic commonsense but some times the technology does takeover and not every one is ready to jump in the deep end just yet.


Thankyou to the comment posted. Just had not got to this theory yet but have heard of it. I know, both are explained on the help pages of the moodle website www.moodle.org

this one does an explanation as well as several I have seen. <>

moddle as a resource centre

got disconnected from blogger before I could log this 2 days ago.

http://talkingvte.blogspot.com/2006/05/trevor-payne-using-moodle-to-support.html Listened to this discussion and feel more positive about how I am using moodle at this stage - in much the same way! Great to have one's own strategy verified by someone ahead of me in the game.